Time for your next dental appointment? Bring along a friend or family member!

At The Dentist in El Paso, TX we believe that taking good care of your teeth should be a shared experience. That’s why we would like to introduce our new “Dental Buddies” special where you can bring a friend with you when you come into the office and both of you will receive two-for-one dental exams, x-rays, and discounted treatments!

Save money on dental treatment from now until the end of April!

This exclusive offer, which last until April 2023, provides an opportunity to get more value out of an important service: your precious smile. Taking care of your oral health is essential to overall wellbeing, but it can also be costly — so why not extend the savings with a friend? Plus, it’s more fun to have someone by your side while getting your teeth taken care of!

2-for-1 Dental Exams & X-rays

At The Dentist in El Paso, TX, we understand how valuable this time is for our patients and their friends or family members who join them for their appointments. We make sure everyone receives top-notch dental care with our experienced staff of highly skilled dentists and hygienists. Also included in the “Dental Buddies” experience are digital x-rays that provide an overview of your current dental condition as well as a detailed report on any areas needing further attention.

After the initial exam and x-rays are completed, one of our experienced dentists will review the findings with each patient individually. Our goal is to provide all the information needed so that each patient can make informed decisions about their oral health. Whether they opt for treatment at that time or schedule a future appointment — they will have all the facts they need to take good care of themselves.

Discounts on dental treatment also available!

But wait, there’s more! Through our “Dental Buddies” special we also offer discounted rates on various treatments including sealants and fillings as well as tooth whitening solutions and orthodontic services such as braces and clear aligners. With these extra savings added in our patients get even more bang for their buck — which makes this exclusive offering even better value.

Schedule you and your friend or family members dental next visit

We want you to get these advantages from The Dentist in El Paso so don’t wait any longer – hurry up and seize this amazing deal before it’s too late! Bring a buddy along for your next visit – you won’t regret it! Not only will both of you benefit from advanced preventive dental care but also enjoy great discounts on select treatments available only through our “Dental Buddies” special program. Don’t wait any longer — call or text now at (915) 263-8333 to schedule an appointment and discover what great benefits await at The Dentist in El Paso!