If you are missing one or more teeth, dental crowns and bridges might be the best solutions for you. Dental bridges and dental crowns make use of prosthetic devices to restore your bite and smile. A crown is used when a single tooth is damaged or fractured, while a bridge is used when one or more teeth are now missing.

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Between crown implants and bridges, however, which option is going to be the best solution for you? We’ll explore the similarities, differences, advantages, and disadvantages between these two fixed artificial tooth options available in our East El Paso dental office.

Dental Crown Vs Dental Bridge – Which One Is Better?

A dental crown can replace a patient’s damaged or decaying tooth which is placed on top of a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. Dental implants are titanium fixtures, surgically fastened to your jawbone below the gum line. These bio-compatible implants become anchored to your bone through osseointegration (the bone fuses to the metal). This dental procedure provides stable support you can rely on for being able to eat and speak efficiently. The healing process after getting an implant can take up to 6-12 weeks. Our doctor will then place a titanium post (or abutment) into your implant, where they will mount your dental crown.

Bridges are usually used to replace multiple missing teeth. They have two crowns, one on either end and a bridge of replacement teeth that rest in the area of the gums where there are missing teeth. The crowns at the ends of a bridge will be fused to existing teeth (that need to be filed down by our dentist to fit correctly), or they can be attached to dental implants.

So, which dental treatment option is best for you? Let’s examine both options more closely.

Dental Crown

dental crown is a tooth-colored, ceramic false tooth. One pro to a dental crown is that it can be custom-made in a lab as per the requirements of the individual patient. The color and texture of your new crown will also be matched exactly to your existing teeth. In some crowns, gold alloys are chosen for aesthetic purposes by patients and also used for improving their strength.

Dentists usually prefer dental crowns when an existing tooth is chipped, broken, or fractured beyond repair. During a dental crown procedure, the tooth will be filed down and reshaped into the correct size. All tooth decay is then removed from the surface of the tooth and the structural integrity is restored so that it can support the dental crown. Then the crown is attached to the tooth or dental implant and cemented into position. This acts as a cap over the newly shaped tooth or dental implant to improve its strength.

Dental Bridge

The dental bridge is a prosthetic appliance used by our dentist to treat patients with missing teeth. Dental bridges are false teeth that are firmly fixed between two crowns. The teeth on either side of the teeth that are missing are first prepared for easy placement of the bridge. Dental implants are used for replacing the missing teeth rather than the existing teeth. Once a dental bridge is placed into its position, it will function exactly like your natural teeth.

Which is Best for You?

If you find yourself in any of the above-mentioned situations and are confused about whether you need a dental bridge and dental crown, then visit our experienced restorative dentist today. Their experience and expertise will help you to overcome every kind of dental problem in a timely professional manner.

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