You’re probably wondering whether Invisalign has the same food restrictions as braces. The clear, removable aligners don’t restrict your diet, but there are still a few tips to follow when eating and drinking with Invisalign. This blog post will talk about these seven simple rules for using Invisalign to straighten your teeth.

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Thinking about Invisalign? Here are some tips for fast effective orthodontic treatment.

Give Invisalign the time to work

Although you may be tempted to skip wearing your Invisalign aligners for a few hours or even a day, it’s essential that you wear them for 20 to 22 hours each day for the treatment to be effective. For orthodontic treatment, your teeth are moved into new positions at the start of each aligner session.

This implies they are slightly loosened at all times. Even if it’s only for a day, quitting halfway through your therapy can jeopardize the work done by your Invisalign aligners and may require you to wear one set of aligners for longer than planned.

Always remove Invisalign before you eat

Though durable, your aligners cannot handle the pressure of chewing and may become damaged or push back your treatment timeline if you leave them in while eating. Be sure to remove them before enjoying any meal!

The biggest perk of Invisalign over metal braces is that you can take them out. You’re free to eat whatever and whenever, but don’t forget to remove your aligners!

Keep them clean!

The first step to keeping your smile healthy and bright during Invisalign treatment is taking your aligners out for snacks. You should also make sure you’re regularly cleaning your aligners so they stay clear and odor-free throughout the process.

It is just as crucial to brush and floss your teeth regularly when you wear Invisalign as it is with braces. If you do not take care of your oral health, food particles can become trapped beneath your trays and turn into cavities over time.

Also, something small like coffee or a dark soda can start to stain the aligners if they are not cleaned often enough. Be sure to brush routinely, clean between your teeth (floss), and cleanse your Invisalign periodically throughout treatment in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums – after all, isn’t that what we’re aiming for?

Rinse aligners before putting them in your mouth

Invisalign not only gives you straighter teeth but also helps improve your oral health awareness. After all, nobody wants harmful bacteria hanging out between their aligners and pearly whites. Give yourself a nice rinse after every meal to rid of any debris or build-up!

Store your aligners in your Invisalign case

Your Invisalign case will be your aligners’ greatest supporter. One of our best Invisalign suggestions is to store your aligners in the case whenever you remove them from your mouth. They’re translucent, so they’re easy to toss away carelessly. Pets love aligners and have been known to break them. If you lose or damage your aligners, you’ll need new ones, which might cause the treatment to fall behind if it happens frequently.

Never leave your Invisalign trays out in the open

Invisalign trays should never be left out in the open when you’re not wearing them. If they are, bacteria can build up and there’s a greater chance you’ll lose them. To avoid this, always keep your case with you. If for some reason you do leave them out for a while, make sure to rinse, soak and rinse again before putting them on again.

Don’t expose your aligners to heat

To avoid any damage, keep your aligners away from anything hot like hot water or a car that’s been in the sun. Use lukewarm water to rinse them instead and take them out before you drink any beverages.

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